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Click here to vote us as best dance studio under health and beauty, 1903 East Olive Road, Pensacola, Florida 32514 - (850)484-0648
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Five Flags Dance Academy has 5 full size dance rooms totaling over 5000 square feet of dance floors: floating wood and Marley!

The property has two buildings with 6 restrooms, 4 dressing rooms, 2 parent lobby's, 2 offices, a night drop box, student study center and a fitness center.

The addition of our third dance room has allowed us to offer more classes at more convenient times and allows us to not keep students out late on school nights for dance class. We feel this is important to help students maintain good grades and study habits as well as participate in after school activities. We believe school comes before dance class.

Five Flags Dance Academy
Five Flags Dance Academy
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